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What is Ediket?

Ediket is a freelance marketplace for English proofreading & writing consulting services.

Everyday, people are faced with writing important documents for all kinds of purposes, whether to apply to their dream job, complete a thesis in order to graduate, or publish successful Facebook advertisements. Ediket matches those who need writing help with the writers who best understand their content to satisfy each person’s specific needs.

If you are a writer, you should join Ediket! With unparalleled online flexibility, all it takes is a knack for the written word.

Or, if you need some help with your writing, you can use Ediket for that too! It offers a second set of eyes to perfect your work, anytime and anyplace.



Who are the people behind Ediket?

How did Ediket get started?

Ediket was founded by Q and JW, two prior international students who had a hard time studying in English in the USA as non-native speakers. Their English writing suffered from grammar mistakes and awkward expressions, but at the time no suitable online solution existed. So, they built Ediket to solve their own problems.

A Brief Introduction of Ediket

Ediket is a global IT startup operating in both the USA and South Korea. Business development and marketing happen in San Francisco, while software development happens in Seoul. Ediket is composed of seven open-minded and energetic people including a business developer, software developers, a designer, operations manager, and managing editor.

If you’re interested in joining us or you have some great ideas to share, feel free to contact us!


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