The traditional throne for Korean royalty during the Joseon era includes a background mural that depicts both the sun and moon, framing the king in a demonstration of grandeur. This room, simpler than a formal throne hall, is part of the summer palace, Hwaseong. Did you find this helpful? Check us out at! Ediket... Continue Reading →

Quotation Rules: Formatting

So you want to include a quotation, but the tense in the quoted material doesn’t match what you’re writing. Or perhaps something like this happens: “I want to explain to you how the book said ‘reading will change them.’ ” Suppose the original line in the book said, “People often find that experiences from reading... Continue Reading →

Quotation Rules: Basics

“If it’s worth writing, it’s worth writing right.” Quotes can add a lot of character to your writing and also give you more credibility. They’re a very important element of expression both for creative and academic writing, but the rules for using and formatting them are detailed. This series of articles will discuss the ins... Continue Reading →

Once you get out of the city, there are picturesque landscapes to explore at every turn in Korea. This hiking path is south of Seoul in a little city called Gongju. Did you find this helpful? Check us out at! Ediket is an online proofreading / copy editing platform that connects qualified English editors... Continue Reading →

Non-referential Pronouns: It’s Raining!

“They always say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Wait, who says? Just who are “they”, the people who always seem to say these platitudes? Some people refer to this as the “omniscient they”: the byline for conventional wisdom quotes that are as well-known as they are unattributed to any... Continue Reading →

With distinctive Korean style, this structure stands just opposite Hwaseong Haenggung, the summer palace, in Suwon. There are often festivals held on the plaza between the two, making this reaching silhouette an attractive backdrop. Did you find this helpful? Check us out at! Ediket is an online proofreading / copy editing platform that connects... Continue Reading →

Where is the subject in a command?

“Go!” “Come here!” “Do me a favor.” What? Who? Who should do these things? These sentences seem to be made up only of predicate phrases! Where are the subjects? They’re hiding, actually, and that’s what this article will explain. Imperative Sentences These kinds of sentences are known as imperatives — they give a direct command or offer... Continue Reading →

Grilled meat is one of the most popular dishes in Korea. Not only is it delicious, but the cooperation of cooking your own meal together at the table makes for a relaxed social context where friends and family can easily come together for quality time. Did you find this helpful? Check us out at!... Continue Reading →

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