Problematic Prepositions

“I’ll be there in a few minutes! I’m coming…by car? in a car? with a car?” How can you tell which preposition to use when there are so many options and no rules?! What’s a preposition? “I’ll see you at school!”…or should it be “in school”? Prepositions are those little words that tell you where... Continue Reading →

Practice Time! (Phrases, Clauses, Compound, and Complex Sentences)

This post is a set of review exercises to help cement those new English grammar points you’ve learned! We’ll start with some simple identification, then guide you in constructing some compound sentences, and finally provide sentences that have the whole mix so you can flex your grammar muscles by distinguishing between all these concepts in... Continue Reading →

Cover Letters: A Step-by-Step Guide to Targeting and Purpose

Each paragraph of your cover letter needs to communicate specific ideas if it is going to effectively catch the eye of the recruiter. Here’s a straightforward guide to what those ideas are and how to pin them down so your introduction can promote your chances, not preclude them. The previous article addressed resumes, giving a... Continue Reading →

How to Write Like a Pro: Sentence Length (Subordinating Conjunctions & Complex Sentences)

Ok, so you’ve mastered the compound sentence with the previous article! Now that you know how to use basic conjunctions, check out some special ones: subordinating conjunctions. Subordinating Conjunctions Move your writing another step in the right direction by learning to use subordinating conjunctions to express more complicated relationships. These conjunctions include words like after,... Continue Reading →

Resumes: How to Write a Resume that Will Get You Hired

You may have seen complex analyzations of just what it takes to succeed in today’s job market, but the best resume advice brings things back to basics and can apply to each and every application. When recruiters have to sift through hundreds of possible applicants, how can your one-page resume stand out from the crowd?... Continue Reading →

How to Write Like a Pro: Sentence Length (Coordinating Conjunctions & Compound Sentences)

What is it that sets basic writing apart from writing that sounds natural? You can improve your English writing. You can do it easily. Sentence length changes the impression. Use different lengths. Then your writing will sound more confident. Can you tell how simplistic these sentences seem? They’re so short. It makes the ideas feel... Continue Reading →

How to Register A Coupon On Ediket

Sign up for Ediket  at After signing up, you can get even more benefits by participating in a simple survey and completing phone verification. Click the icon at the top-right corner and choose “Register Coupon” (as above). Enter your coupon code in the box and click “Register.” Enjoy using Ediket! 🙂

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