Common Mistakes: “Challenging”

“I am a qualified candidate with a challenging personality.” This kind of phrasing appears on resumes and in cover letters from ESL writers fairly often. Yet, the word “challenging” does not express the intended meaning in this context — it actually suggests a negative impression of your character. Read on to learn all the details! History &... Continue Reading →

To, too, or two? What word should I use?

“I gave two papers to Sammy, too.” All of these little words sound the same, even though their spellings and meanings are different! Words like these are called homophones. How can you tell which one to choose? Set Your Target: To To, too, and two are responsible for some of the most common mistakes, but they... Continue Reading →

The Comma Compendium: How to Use Any Type of Comma You Can Think Of and Why

There are so many reasons to use commas! They’re like the salt and pepper of writing, right? Well, actually, not quite. There is a time and a place for each comma. Use this brief guide to identify your case and get the details on how to jot down those commas like a pro! Getting the... Continue Reading →

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