Application Emails: How to Get Noticed from the First Line

Nowadays, it is common to email your application documents rather than deliver them in person or by mail. This means you will be attaching files of your cover letter and resume to an email…but what should that email look like? Writing just “see attached” is an easy way to be overlooked. Keep in mind that... Continue Reading →

Cover Letters: A Step-by-Step Guide to Targeting and Purpose

Each paragraph of your cover letter needs to communicate specific ideas if it is going to effectively catch the eye of the recruiter. Here’s a straightforward guide to what those ideas are and how to pin them down so your introduction can promote your chances, not preclude them. The previous article addressed resumes, giving a... Continue Reading →

Resumes: How to Write a Resume that Will Get You Hired

You may have seen complex analyzations of just what it takes to succeed in today’s job market, but the best resume advice brings things back to basics and can apply to each and every application. When recruiters have to sift through hundreds of possible applicants, how can your one-page resume stand out from the crowd?... Continue Reading →

How to Write a Formal Email

Need to write a message to your professor? Or to a boss or formal acquaintance? Follow this guide and you can be sure your letter is phrased appropriately and politely. As with many formal communications, there are just a few customary rules to follow… A Simple Subject Aside from the “To” address, the first thing you... Continue Reading →

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